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“Here’s the thing, the previous relationship was so damaged,” Bob told Radar.

“Two adults, we wouldn’t dare to venture into a relationship, but we are exploring each other’s company, I will say.” The retired, 44-year-old NFL player knows he has to be careful around his ex-wife, who he divorced 2007.

“Having been around the person, you can in your mind think about, ‘Hey, it used to be good when it was good, but when it was bad, it was hella bad,'” he said.

“So when you get to the person, you might be like, ‘S***, I need to have my knife in my back pocket just in case.'” So for right now, the couple is taking it easy.

Sheree wants to pull the plug on the marriage for good, citing irreconcilable differences. and now he's a pastor, though he sometimes appears on "Hollywood Exes" with Sheree ...

As for Terrell -- he spent 7 years as a running back with the San Diego Chargers ...

According to the site Thursday, she said that irreconcilable differences was the reason for wanting to end the union.

The entire thing comes to a close with Sheree saying to Alexis; 'Check your facts - try to actually have some facts - before you start putting untruths out there that can really damage people and damage family.' Thick as thieves: Sheree also shamed Alexis for the 'damage' her story could have caused to her son with Will, Trey, and Will and Jada's two children (above Jaden, Willow, Will, Jada and Trey in 2013) Don't get it twisted: She also told Alexis that the pair split in 1995 after three years of marriage not because of 'infidelity' but rather because she was 'unhappy' (above Jada, Will and Sheree in November 2014)Sheree's poised demeanor and decision to speak to Alexis less as someone who started a vicious rumor and more as a petulant child seems to have silenced the transgender actress, who has yet to comment on the video.

Alexis made her allegations about the Smiths and their sexuality on Tuesday in response to Jada's announcement that she would be boycotting the Oscars over the absence of non-white nominees in the acting categories.

Will Smith's 1st wife is punching her 2nd ticket for the divorce train ...

Sheree Fletcher has filed court docs to end her marriage to ex-NFL star Terrell Fletcher ... Sheree -- who was married to Will from 1992-95 (their son Trey appeared in the "Just the Two of Us" video") -- has been married to Fletcher since 2007 ...

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