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All the folks with red hearts on their shirts were especially ready to receive love.Shanny also mixed and mingled with the guests offering quick dating tips and introducing singles to one another.On Friday the 17th of February 2017, Shanny in the City guest hosted the Be Mine Valentines Event theme party that was co-organized by SIG Social Group (founders Sasha, Ivana and Gloria).

While I’m usually quick to offer constructive and even sometimes the cliche advice of going back to the beginning and working on yourself, I realize I’ve left out something important that requires some constructive thinking….reflection. When someone faces adversity, some form of their expectation not being met, or even getting really close to accomplishing a goal whether that’d be getting your dream job, getting your health in check, or even finding love with a girl you’ve always fantasized about going out with, something that was completely out of your control just got in the way and stopped you just short of accomplishing that long awaited goal.

-by Rob Virges “Hey Rob, how do I break the ice with a girl?

Holding conversations whether it’s small talk or some really deep stuff is pretty easy but my real hurdle is overcoming the initial awkwardness of the introduction.” With every workshop and every Dating Mastery Class cycle I’ve consistently gotten a variation of this question on how to break the ice with a girl and create the bridge from the initial introductions to creating a connection with a girl you’re attracted to.

Every guy and unfortunately a lot of dating experts or even pickup artists will give you the cliche advice of “Fuck man, just ignore your feelings, ignore that bitch, and just go get laid by another chick.” To be brutally honest with you, it’d be nice if it was that simple.

Unfortunately, getting over a girl that you’ve been with, have been fantasizing about, or even have gone on a few dates with but just couldn’t get to the next level because of prior baggage or circumstances such as another man coming into her life that you just didn’t see coming is one of the hardest and most frustrating things that men face next to overcoming the initial hurdles of social anxiety, approach anxiety, sexual anxiety, and rejection whether we’d like to admit it or not.

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