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Eventually, it would return to the Home tab and show the message Connection failed next to ‘Virus and spyware definitions’.

Since I know there is at least one update out there for Windows Defender, I decided to try running Windows Update.

I’m using the Windows 8 built-in Windows Defender, so I was a little surprised it wasn’t being kept up to date automatically.

I hit the Update button for Windows Defender and it seemed to take a little longer than normal but the progress bar continued to advance.

We could write a book about the problems people report with the upgrade to Windows 10. You can try troubleshooting Windows Update (see below), but in our experience, it's best to use the Media Creation Tool. Note that you'll see a 'Ready to install' screen that, worryingly, doesn't mention anything about an update: this is correct, just check that the installer is about to install the correct Windows 10 version (Home or Pro) and that it's set to keep personal file and apps, then click Install - your data, apps and (almost) all of your settings will remain untouched.

From the Get Windows 10 (or GWX) app reporting that perfectly viable computers aren't compatible, through to the app never appearing in the first place, and to stalled and failed downloads. You might not know, but after installing Windows 10 the old version of the OS is hanging around in the background taking up useful space. When you upgraded, your old version of Windows doesn't disappear.

However, when I attempted to install it stated update not for my system.

After running windows update, it says there are 100 updates and takes close to 2 hours to download and update. So I've had my HP toshiba pavilion 15 for just over a month and I have constant problems with updates, but most of them work eventually if I keep spamming the "try again" button.

What I have tried do to fix: Run Windows Update Diagnostic (that e.g. I recently re-installed windows 8 regular on my ASUS X450LC laptop using the recovery media. It wont let me install 8.1 unless I do windows update.

OS: Windows Vista 32 Bit Home Premium I am unable to install recent Windows Vista updates because the updater hangs at "Checking for updates". and "Most recent checks for updates" says "never" ... which I assume is the reason for the "never" labels mentioned above. I used file "Windows Update Agent30-x86.exe" with the /wuforce switch and ran it from a HDD not containing the OS. "Troubleshoot problems with installing updates" I ran the Fix It tool ... If not, you can try to download and install it manually: https:// Later you can enable it again if you want.) Edited by devilus, 22 April 2016 - AM.

Attempts to fix the problem seems to have made the problem worse. and it fixed a couple of things but didn't fix error code 0X80070057 4. Having the same problem and pursuing similar solutions with out success, I tried downloading the recommended update for my Vista Home Premium SP2 64 bit OS.

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Instead of forcing users to update their hardware and never look back, Microsoft keeps a hold of the important files that made up your previous OS in the C:/ drive.

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