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Canadian Journal of Nursing Research, 48(1): 21-28. available at In Canada, incidents of new hepatitis C virus infections are rising among women aged 15–29 years and now comprise 60% of new infections among this age group.A negative diagnosis experience continues to be a problem affecting women living with hepatitis C virus.Poor health, poverty, low education, limited housing, high unemployment, and sanitation problems are important factors that promote the spread of hepatitis C infections among Aboriginal peoples.Factors that increase the risk of hepatitis C infections include the regular use of injection drugs and involvement in other high-risk activities at an early age.Researchers believe that infection rates for hepatitis C are higher among Inuit and First Nations (1% to 18%) compared to other the Canadians (0.5% to 2%).Research also suggests that the pattern of infections and the various factors that place Aboriginal people at risk are different from other Canadians and therefore hepatitis C prevention education and health promotion should be different as well.The BC Hepatitis Testers Cohort (BC-HTC) includes individuals tested for HCV, HIV or reported as a case of HBV, HCV, HIV or active TB between 1990–2013 linked with data on their medical visits, hospitalizations, cancers, prescription drugs and mortality.Prevalent infection was defined as being anti-HCV positive at first test.

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Results Women’s diagnosis experiences were shaped by the context of diagnosis, factors prompting the testing, the testing provider, and information/education received.

The context of diagnosis foreshadowed how prepared women were for their results, and the absence of accurate information magnified the psychological distress that can follow an hepatitis C virus diagnosis. Access to this work is provided for the purposes of personal research and study.

2016 Has the experience of Hepatitis C diagnosis improved over the last decade?

An analysis of Canadian women's experiences of diagnosis.

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