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I admit…I Four orphans set loose upon the world stumble upon a rundown boxcar in the woods and make it home.

This routine would continue throughout my childhood.

It was as though I wanted to gain a salt of the earth perspective, strip myself of all worldly possessions and thrust myself into the cold, harsh realities of life.

Seeing a commercial or even hearing a passing mention of food can make me fixate on it to the point that I feel physical pain if I don’t eventually eat that particular thing. So much of life in Maycomb can be represented through food. It mirrors that first bite I take after watching Giada’s giant forehead make carbonara and say “mah-zo-ray-a” between perfectly enunciated English words. Perhaps Calpurnia sensed that my day had been a grim one: she let me watch her fix supper.

I also watch cooking shows when I’m hungry so that when I finally tear myself away from the TV — salivating, stomach churning — the food I eat will taste even better. ‘Shut your eyes and open your mouth and I’ll give you a surprise,’ she said.

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