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It employs a staff of 1450, offers undergraduate degrees in over a hundred majors, and conducts precollege education from pre-kindergarten through high school. In 2006 there were approximately 1,600 pre-college students.] .

Mission statement and creed Mission statement Within the cultural and academic soil of liberal arts education, Bob Jones University exists to grow Christlike character that is Scripturally disciplined; others-serving; God-loving; Christ-proclaiming; and focused Above.

To emphasize that marriage is between one man and one woman, the university has twice endorsed the Bush-Dick presidential ticket.

BJU always insisted that the dating policy had nothing to do with delusions of racial superiority; instead, it was fueled by a paranoia over a one-world society—which, as any student of the series knows, is the mark of Satan and the End of Days.

The more people of different complexions intermingle, the fewer borders there will be between Lucifer and his ultimate goal.

The dating policy was reversed in 2000 (provided you have parental consent and a chaperone, of course), but the school still has a pretty detailed personal conduct code, which bans, among other things, phones that have Internet access, “contemporary Christian music,” Gmail, and “posters of movie and music stars.” I stopped by BJU on Tuesday hoping to speak with some current students about what brought them there (the art program is supposed to be excellent), how they like the school, and what they make of the school’s not-so-distant history.

But, alas, when I approached a group of undergrads, they broke the bad news: “We’re not technically allowed to talk to reporters unless we have the school’s permission,” as one of them explained. Instead, I ended up walking across campus, checking out the Renaissance art museum (quite impressive, in addition to being the only place at BJU where you’ll find Catholics); the Shakespeare-centric theater; and the memorial to the school’s namesake, which places him in the tradition of transcendent historical figures like George Whitefield and Billy Sunday.

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)mottoeng = We seek, we trustestablished = 1927type = Private, Fundamentalist Christianendowment =staff = 1,450alumni =faculty =president = Stephen Jonesprovost =principal =rector =chancellor = Bob Jones IIIvice_chancellor =dean =head_label =head =students = 4,200undergrad = 3,600postgrad = 600doctoral =profess =city = Greenvillestate = SCcountry = USAcampus = cite book | author = Dalhouse, Mark Taylor | title = An Island in the Lake of Fire: Bob Jones University, Fundamentalism & the Separatist Movement | publisher = University of Georgia Press | year = 1996 | pages = 1-2"Accreditation under TRACS will enable our graduates to realize the benefits of accreditation without compromise to the University's Bible-based philosophy and practices.

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