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DESIblitz looks at the top Indian dancers and choreographers right now.When people tend to think about the best dancers India has to offer, they think about Bollywood celebrities, TV personalities and established Bollywood choreographers.With that in mind, here are DESIblitz’s top Indian dancers and choreographers that you should keep your eye on..

She is known for her good acting in Dil Dosti Dance which was telecast on popular Channel V.Currently this is done through a google spread sheet of profiles and a facebook secret group.Please message to Amour FB page ( Queer Dating) or email to [email protected] join and participate in dating process.After this TV shows she came on Channel V and the program name was 'Dil Dosti Dance' in which she worked with Kunwar Amar, Shakti Mohan etc. Vrinda is also working in a Horror TV show called 'Haunted Nights ... Who is Boyfriend of Vrinda Dawda She is just started her career approx 3 year back but Vrinda Dawda seems serious about her relationship.There is a gossip that Vrinda Dawda is dating with Kunwar Amarjit Singh.

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